James Davies: Keynote Speaker, Transforming Corporate Health and Wellness

Elevating Workplace Well-being through Expert Insights and Realistic Strategies


James Davies, a prominent Osteopath and Performance Coach, is renowned for his keynote speaking engagements focusing on advancing health and wellness in the corporate sector. He excels in devising holistic methods for healing, resetting, and restoring the body, catering to a wide array of professional audiences, including top athletes and business executives.

Keynote Speaking Engagements

  • Health and Wellness Keynotes: Engaging and informative talks offering innovative insights on improving overall health in the workplace, including posture, ergonomics, and mental well-being.
  • Realistic Health Enhancement Strategies: James shares practical, easy-to-implement techniques suitable for busy corporate environments, aimed at boosting physical and mental health.
  • The Davies Reset System: James introduces his unique holistic approach, blending osteopathic principles with recovery coaching and customised wellness plans for complete rejuvenation of body and mind.


Benefits for Your Organisation

  • Empowered Employee Well-being: James’s keynotes offer valuable strategies for enhancing health, preventing workplace ailments, and improving job satisfaction.
  • Long-term Health Solutions: His realistic health strategies are designed for lasting adherence, leading to sustainable improvements in workplace wellness.
  • Comprehensive Approach to Health: Discover the Davies Reset System, a holistic solution for revitalising both physical and mental health in a corporate setting.

Accelerating leaders, trailblazers and athletes to reach their peak performance

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