Accelerating leaders, trailblazers and athletes to reach their peak performance

Helping leaders, trailblazers and athletes reach their peak physical performance 



How do you reach your peak performance? This is the question I've been answering for nearly fifteen years since qualifying as an osteopath.


The answer starts in the therapy room and touches on multiple aspects of your life. Healing your body, preventing burnout and attaining and maintaining your peak performance requires a 360-approach to health, fitness and treatment, which I can provide.


The 360 approach applies to my treatment list as well, where hand-picked therapies have been selected from across the globe.


I blend a wealth of therapies in each tailored session, including osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, dry needling, tecar therapy, laser therapy, cupping and biomechanics.

Each bespoke treatment session includes several therapies and techniques, so you receive the best possible outcome. You will also save time and resources as you won’t require multiple therapist appointments. 

How We Work Together

I keep a small client list to maintain this premium service.


My packages include weekly therapy sessions at a venue of your choice. These can be upgraded to include a responsive, on-call element if you are injured or require intensive therapy.

I am also available for one-off treatments for select clients, including international visitors, at their hotels or studios around the UK and can travel globally if required.

Hugo Lloris

‘James’ talent and passion are very impressive. I am so pleased to have met him.’  

Marvin and Rochelle Humes

‘The man with the healing hands!! Never have we had a therapist who is so genuinely concerned for our wellbeing and speedy recoveries. Everyone needs a James in their lives.’  

Marcus Smith

‘An absolute magician. Ever since I’ve met James, he’s kept my body ready to go every week. I can’t thank him enough. His service is the best I’ve ever had.’

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